Schock’s Scrap by Stephanie

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Suffering from Scrap withdrawal!

I have been so busy with work, the kids, etc. that I haven't had as much time to scrap as I'd like. Brian is out of town with his father this weekend, which would usually mean I'd have more time to scrap, but with Marley getting over being sick and Jaxon wanting to play his new computer games, I've basically been at the kids beckoned call. Now Marley's asleep and Jaxon is having a "slumber party"- which means Daddy's out of town so he gets to sleep in my room. So I made a QP to give away on our CT blog, scrapped a few freebie quick pages I had downloaded (some are missing information about the designer, so I may not post them) and one original page that I'll post below. I'm hoping to get one more done tonight too.

Here's one with my silly boy Jaxon:
Credits: Twinkle Toes kit from Miss Mint at, Duck from Rhonna Farrer's Splish Splash, and Pea Lacy font (I always forget to include fonts!)