Schock’s Scrap by Stephanie

Friday, August 8, 2008

A New Team and a FOBTY

I've been invited to join the CT of one of my digi-friends so expect to see some new CT layouts in my slide. I'm now part of the Awesome Blossoms designing layouts for Garden Girl Designs. She is just starting out and selling at Scrappin' Out Loud, and J3 Designs... talk about a busy gal! Be sure to go check out her stuff and be on the lookout for some new layouts by me!

Now for this week's FOBTY- this is a quick little quiz that tests your knowledge of Grease. Ok.. I LOVED this movie but it's been awhile since I've seen it (like jr.high)! How'd I do on the quiz?

I got 13 out of 15 right! Woo hoo! Of course, I have no idea which 2 answers were wrong, but I'd say that's pretty good... gotta love pop culture! You can take the Grease quiz here. Off to work! :)