Schock’s Scrap by Stephanie

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Scrappin' projects and another FOBTY

Well I'm busy working on a few hybrid projects right now. The first is an album for my mom (can't get into details because I know she reads this)! The second is the hybrid workshop at SSD this month- a vacation album- and I'm so excited about it. The timing couldn't be better as the kids just took their first road trip this summer. The third is an altered notebook and pens for my son's teacher this upcoming year. And the fourth is a mini-book of letters for my daughter Marley. I don't know why I start one without first finishing the previous one, but such is life. hope to have some shots to show you soon!

Now for the FOBTY- your mission is to blog about the summer jobs (or adventures, if you didn’t work) you had when you were a teenager. Well this should be fun! My parents were awesome and didn't push the work thing which made me WANT to get a job... maybe that was their idea. My first job was at a movie theater and it was awful! I hated it!!! I went in soon after starting and told the manager I wanted to quit. She must have run off quite a few folks and was under watchful eye, so she convinced me instead to "take a leave of absence". Not sure if she was expecting me to have a change of heart or what, but it was a leave from which I never returned!

Then I worked at a seafood restaurant- it had been started by a family who had a big chain on BBQ restaurants so it was not fast food, but not fancy either. The pay was good, they worked us hard, and it kept me from eating on the job as I'm not into seafood... it was a great job for a teenager. :)

Well got to run back to working on these albums and cleaning up the house! :) S