Schock’s Scrap by Stephanie

Friday, April 11, 2008

Surgery went well and some REALLY EXCITING news!

I can't really move my arms too much yet- I'm swollen and sore, but I'm feeling better today than I thought I would. I just wanted to tell everyone thanks for the well wishes. It really makes your day when you're feeling like this! I will still be limited on computer time, but hope to be back soon.

And for some REALLY exciting news... I had my husband check my e-mail this morning and he said "Melody is excited and says to check ADSR"...

If you have been living under a rock, let me fill you in. ADSR (the amazing digiscrap race) was a 6 week long set of challenges you worked on as a team. Some challenges were independent, some we had to combine pieces to make a layout, and some were "roadblocks" only 1 team member was responsible for. As long as you completed the challenge by the deadline, you were able to continue the race. You also got awesome gifts along the way for completing each challenge.

Ok, so I go check the ADSR blog and see these adorable kiddos drawing names from a hat for second place, first runner ups, and the grand prize... goes to ELECTRIC HARMONY!!!! OMG! WE WON! There are so many great prizes I honestly can't remember them all!

So, I'm going to hurry up and rest (ha ha) so I can get to scrapping with all of my new stuff! I'm not sure you can ever top that, but just participating in the race was awesome and NDISB folks have been so friendly, so I'll be back next year for ADSR 4 for sure and NDISB in general.

Off to the first doctor's post-op... hope to be back soon!