Schock’s Scrap by Stephanie

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Join the REVOLUTION!!!

Well it's summertime, and since I'm a teacher, I have all of June, July and part of August off from work. I had these great big ideas about what I wanted to accomplish- mainly around the house- but found myself overwhelmed. Either my husband and I would bust our butts going through organizing, throwing out and cleaning up for an entire weekend OR I'd start something, get pulled away by the kids, and then feeling like I'd accomplished nothing, give up. The house isn't dirty or anything- I'd clear a social services check LOL... but I feel overwhelmed by little clutter piles and sometimes can't find what I need.

So, being that I have this great digiscrap community at DigiShopTalk, I reached out with a simple post in the Chatter forum: "I'm Domestically Challenged". I wasn't sure what to expect but hoped to get some ideas to keep the house free of clutter (I'm a stacker- stacks of magazines, the kids have toys stacked up on the built-in bookshelves, etc.)

Well, the response was HUGE! Everyone either had a helpful comment or were letting me know they were in the same boat and also looking for ideas and support. It has spun off into a "Declutter challenge" and what I'm calling the "Declutter Revolution"! I've already gotten some great tips and feel INSPIRED to get to work one step at a time.

Who'd have thought all of this support would come from the digiscrap community? Just one more reason I not only love to scrap but love the forums at DST and GDS!