Schock’s Scrap by Stephanie

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Ok... so maybe I DID fall off the face of the earth!

Well, I'm going to save you all from my moaning and complaining about my laptop breaking (actually it's not broken, the screen is just shattered- which is kind of important so I can SEE what I'm doing-) Here's the short version- The laptop screen cracked inside, I tried to get my PSE to work on my son's laptop, but it was slow, missing all of my actions, fonts, etc. And most recently, heard my frustration as I posted my round 3 layout (which I'm still not sure I like) for the Supreme contest at GDS. I had a dead desktop and let my dad have one flat panel, but I got my small flat panel monitor back from my sis yesterday and low and behold, I can hook it up to the broken laptop and it works! I have the flat panel sitting on a wooden tv tray (classy) and the laptop actually on my lap, but I don't even care because IT WORKS!!! Now I can wait and save up for a really nice replacement.

I'm loving Andrea Gold's CT and all of the folks at GDS. They've been so supportive through all of this "stuff" (surgery, being a busy working mom, the computer issues, etc.) I've made it through to round 3 of the Supreme Team contest (to be a part of the site CT) but its a tough competition so we'll see what happens. I'm actually surprised to have made it thus far! there are 4 rounds and then the team will be announced- fingers crossed! This is the best time of year for me to try for this because with summer coming, I'll have tons of scrap time. I was starting some guest stuff for Patty's Designs, but then all of this "stuff" happened, so I've only done one layout for her! She's being so patient! Go check out her stuff at Scrap Outside The Box.

Sadly, because of my computer issues and the above mentioned "stuff", I decided to leave Beckie Wallace's CT. It's a bummer because I love her and her designs, but with my surgery and now this, I felt like I was short-changing her and it was not fair to her or the others on the team. I'm still keeping up with all of their blogs and hope that maybe I can catch up and reapply next time around. Those gals are GREAT and Beckie is just a fabulous gal all around. :)

The last month of school is ALWAYS hectic and this year is no exception. I'm up to my ears in paperwork and have even brought some home in the hopes of getting it all done without having to work after school is out. My campus opted to work extended hours so we can be done by May 30th, but I may end up having to work a day or two after school is out, but we'll see. I really need to get my room in order so I plan on weeding through things as well if I have the time. If you're not a teacher, you may not know that in addition to all of our other end of the year stuff, we have to completely take down the room. Nothing is left out unless its boxed up or shut away the cabinets so it takes some time.

Anyway, I need to get around before my husband returns from Starbucks... I'll be back soon to update my slide and post, but in the meanwhile, leave me some love at GDS or check out my gallery at DST.