Schock’s Scrap by Stephanie

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

An update and FOBTY

So, it's been one crazy summer and it's quickly winding down to an end. My classroom is being moved to a portable, but they're not ready yet, so I'm a little worried about getting everything ready in time for the first day of school. :( Excited, nervous, happy and sad about that all at once! Anyway, before school starts, I've decided to get back into the challenges at SSD and so we'll start with this FOBTY- they want to see a picture of a place I've been this month. So here it goes...

That's Wiggles World at Six Flags- we spent lots of time on the rides there and even saw the real Wiggles in concert that day. It was SUPER hot, but fun!

In other scrap news- having a blast with Jennifer Fox and Nikki Epperson's creative teams. We're anxiously awaiting the opening of Polka Dot Plum where their new stores will be! I also have LOVED being Darcy Baldwin's guest--and I get to stay! (OK, so I basically asked if I could PLEASE stay once school started, but she said yes, so it's all good! Hee hee!) Yippee!

Keep an eye out on my FB page for layouts and be back soon with another update (I hope!)