Schock’s Scrap by Stephanie

Thursday, August 28, 2008

FOBTY and why I've been MIA

First let's start with the FOBTY: The spelling quiz. I think I'm pretty good at spelling but we'll see...

Your Common Spelling Mistake Score: 90% Correct

Your spelling is excellent.

You don't fall for common spelling pitfalls, and you spell almost everything correctly.

Not bad! I just love the SSD FOBTYs.

Ok now for why I've been missing. As most of you may know, I'm a teacher. Well, this year the beginning of school has been even more hectic than usual. Why? Well, first the school itself is brand new and so there are lots of kinks to be worked out. For example, I got some of my furniture order (separate from the school itself) the day before school started. Don't get me wrong... I love my new school and once things settle down a bit, I know it'll get easier. The other part making it a bit stressful is that I'm piloting the new program and still feel like I also have kinks to work out. I know what I want it to look like in my head, but I'm still trying to translate that into the real classroom. Thankfully, they all know that this is new and are ok with the idea that there will be some trial and error, but I want it to be perfect right now, you know?

Plus, I got a new laptop (which is actually good news and I'm no longer running my broken laptop rigged to a desktop monitor) but I just installed firefox and the CS3 trial on it and haven't gotten to use it much. I'm hoping to churn out a few layouts this week and have a few already to add to my slide. In the meanwhile, the designers I CT for have been WONDERFUL and understand that sometimes things happen. How lucky am I to work for these fabulous ladies? They rock.

So run over and check out Andrea Gold, Christy Skaggs and Garden Girl Designs and tell them I sent ya! :)