Schock’s Scrap by Stephanie

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Time for another SSD FOBTY!

SSD- Sweet Shoppe Designs
FOBTY- From Our Blog To Yours
No more explaining those acronyms! Y'all should know by now! :)
This week's FOBTY is your favorite vacation spot or dream vacation. This is fun- and I'm posting both. My old favorite vacation spot was Las Vegas- Brian and I used to go every year and always had a blast, but since the kids have been around, we make the trip much less often. :( Since neither of us had a "big" 30th celebration, we may go to celebrate our 31st birthdays!

We recently went to Ruidoso, New Mexico and that was great. I love the mountains and everyday I woke up and walked on to the balcony and thought one day, we will live in mountains like this. (Sorry mom- I MAY move one day, but don't worry about that NOW ok)? So I'd say that's my current favorite vacation spot.

Dream vacation? If it was just me and and wonderful husband, I'd say Lake Como in Italy. It looks SO beautiful. I have a painting of it in my house and I swear I could walk right into it. If it was a family vacation, it would be Disney World of course. To be quite honest, I'm excited to go to Disney World not just for the kids, but for me too! I remember it being such a fun trip when I was a kid. :) Another fun FOBTY from SSD!