Schock’s Scrap by Stephanie

Monday, January 5, 2009

Ok... so I've been a bad blogger... (here's why and a FOBTY)

Will you forgive me? :) I know, I'm bad... but we've been SO busy! I should probably go ahead and link this to my "personal" blog, as I find myself retyping stuff... anyway, I'll save you my family business but share my biggest headacheof late- so if your not into the techie nerd stuff, feel free to skip this part!

As most of you know, I'm addicted to digital scrapbooking (thus my fabulous blog, right?) Well, apparently my external hard drive (EHD) which holds ALL of my scrap stuff and lots of digital photos had died (actually it reformatted to RAW which is unreadable). So fast forward, I've got $60 software which recovers TOO much data (corrupt files making my 250 GB look like it's got 100GB of data on it). So for about 3 weeks, my computer has been on, searching for files and trying to weed out corrupt files (you can't "see" the files, only their names- most of which were replaced with numbers like this [478367492] so it is a HUGE pain). Well tonight it's FINALLY down to 400GB which I'm saving and then will weed through in my editing software where I can find duplicates and actually see file contents. Thankfully, Brian has not thrown my computer out the window (which I thought may cross his mind as I've been staring at the screen full of numbered files for weeks and trying to save them). Fingers crossed my good stuff is saved and this process is OVER. Go backup your important data right now at or on another EHD.

Wow... are you still reading this???

Ok, so onto the SSD FOBTY- resolutions. I do tend to hate "resolutions" as they are almost bound to fizzle after a few weeks, so I'm going to list my goals... I want to cook more and feel good about myself when I do. I want to stop having little piles of clutter (it's especially bad in my kitchen where mail and coupons land). I want to keep watching what I eat so I can lose these last 10 pounds. I want to start exercising to be healthier and teach my kids to live that way too. I want to become not just a scrapper, but a family historian. I want to take at least a picture a day for my 365 project. I want to improve my photography (because it really sucks)!

Finally I hope to update this blog- perhaps weekly- with my 365 photos (which as I mentioned aren't very good but give a good ideas of daily happenings around here). Be on the lookout for a 365 slide. :) Gotta run... more organizing of those awful recovered files to do...argh!