Schock’s Scrap by Stephanie

Sunday, January 6, 2008

More work this weekend...

Some vacation this has turner out to be! We've still been working on home projects and boy is it a LOT of work. We started going through the kids closets and I have TONS of kids clothes (4 years worth to be exact) to take pictures of and sell (that's not counting the donations over the past few years and the 6 bags we donated yesterday!!!) I guess I was hanging onto them in case we decided to have more children, but now we're moving them out. Fingers crossed I can get rid of them all- I'm taking pics as I go, so I should have some interesting before and after LOs!

Brian's grandma is settling into her new home and it sounds like all is well. It is a person's home who cares for 2 other older people and she will still have the hospice workers coming in as well. This ended up being a good alternative as she refused to go into a nursing home, but we couldn't provide for her during the workday. We hope to go visit this week now that she's had a chance to settle in. She is just a mile or so down the road from us so we'll be able to visit often.

I'm hoping to get some of her pictures scanned in and make some family LOs with them (I don't have much as far as extended family goes, but since my mom is a geneology buff, it makes sense that I should have some historical LOs). I'm also thinking I'd like to scrap her recipes into hardbound books for all of the grandkids.

Off to finish conquering the closets and then I'll scrap this afternoon... it's back to work tomorrow and the students return Tuesday! :) I almost forgot, I'll post pics of the new haircolor soon too (it's a bit more red than I imagined, but still cute I think!)